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Viking Fluorine Free Foam

Thank you for choosing Viking to assist you with your foam fire protection needs. This program has been developed to help transition existing low expansion foam water systems to fluorine free or estimate new systems.

1. Existing or New System

1. Design Standard What's this?

Standard chosen determines the duration of the foam concentrate. While the duration can be adjusted, it will not adjust below the applicable value as determined by the standard.

2. Fuel being protected What's this?

The chosen fuel specifically identifies sprinklers that are available for that hazard. You’ll be given the ability to see availability as you proceed.

3. System Type What's this?

While many system types are available, this availability is based on the most common systems by the standard selected. Please contact Viking Group Inc. with specific needs if you’re unable to find the system you need.

3.a System Type What's this?

4. Discharge Device

5. Sprinkler K-Factor

6. Response Type

7. Choose Sprinkler What's this?

Sprinkler availability is based upon the selections made previously. By selecting a sprinkler in this selection a density will be assigned based upon the approved fire sprinklers listed on the FM Approval certificate. Be sure to consider installation height of the sprinkler as a part of your selection.

8. Design Information

Please complete the area section of the equation below. While the duration and the safety values have been predetermined, you may have the ability to increase -or- decrease based on the selections made.

A valid in-rack demand is required!

9. Bladder Tank Orientation

Vertical Bladder Tank

Vertical Bladder Tank

Horizontal Bladder Tank

Horizontal Bladder Tank

10. Domestic Trim

Standard configuration includes non-domestic loose trim. Domestic trim is available upon special order. Select Yes ONLY if you would like to special order domestic trim.

11. Hose Connections

Hose connections for the foam solution test header are not quoted unless selected. One connection per 250 GPM of system design is recommended.

12. Release Control Panel

The Viking VFR400 Release Control Panel is not included but recommended with the electric release deluge and SI preaction systems. Check the box below ONLY if you would like to add the VFR400 Release Control Panel to the material list.


  • Order does not come with concentrate supply piping (Bladder tank to proportioner). This piping should be corrosion resistant such as brass or stainless steel. All components for the concentrate supply line are 2-1/2” in diameter.
  • System components are configured with Groove x Groove connections with the valve in the vertical orientation . Other connections and horizontal orientation can be specially requested.

2. Current System Type

3. Discharge Device Used Why is this important?

Current discharge devices are limited however additional approvals are forthcoming.

3.a Sprinkler Installation Height (If known)


4. Storage Method For Foam Concentrate

5. Existing Design Information Where can I find this?

This information could be found on the hydraulic data plate and/or on the system plans.


6. Fuel being protected

Additional Notes